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Nursing Assistant

Our nursing assistant textbooks exceed federal and state training requirements, as well as teach essential information on infection prevention, Residents’ Rights, diseases and related care, and hands-on skills. We offer many nursing assistant textbook choices. Click here to see all of our nursing assistant textbook options.

More Health Occupations

Our additional health occupations textbooks teach students how to master the entry-level skills they need without a lot of unnecessary detail. Essential information on safety, infection prevention, patient’s rights, and hands-on procedures is presented at an accessible level to help students excel at their jobs. Click here to read about more health occupations textbooks.



Home Health Aide

Our home health textbooks emphasize the enormously important role aides play in observing and reporting changes in a client’s condition, and in caring for clients holistically, respectfully, and professionally. Click here to see our home health aide textbook options.