Nursing Assistant Textbooks

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Our nursing assistant textbooks exceed federal and state training requirements, as well as teach essential information on infection prevention, Residents' Rights, diseases and related care, and hands-on skills. The textbooks below are arranged from our most comprehensive to our most basic.

Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care:
Long-Term Care and Home Care, 4th Edition

This is our most comprehensive nursing assistant training textbook. We've included multiple chapters on home health care, as well as acute care material

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Nursing Assisting: A Foundation in Caregiving, 6th Edition

The sixth edition of our comprehensive nursing assistant training textbook is organized by body systems and gives in-depth information on anatomy and physiology, disease processes, and related care.

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Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care: Long-Term Care, 5th Edition

This textbook exceeds federal and state requirements for nursing assistant training. It containts in-depth material on observing and reporting, care guidelines for diseases, and ways to promote Residents' Rights. While comprehensive, it remains accessible to students with varying learning levels.

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Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care:
The Basics, 6th Edition

Our briefest, most focused nursing assistant textbook—10 chapters—contains updated information about infection prevention and control, safety, and nutrition, and person-centered care is emphasized throughout. For this edition, we will also be offering an audiobook version!

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Guía Básica para el Cuidado por Asistentes de Enfermería, 6a Edición

Our newest edition of the Spanish-language version of our best-selling English textbook is now available in FULL COLOR! This book has been translated by a native speaker and reviewed by experts in the field, who are also native speakers of Spanish.

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