Home Health Aide

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Our home health textbooks emphasize the enormously important role aides play in observing and reporting changes in a client’s condition and in caring for clients holistically, respectfully, and professionally.

Providing Home Care: A Textbook for Home Health Aides, 6th Edition

Providing Home Care's 6th edition is a full-color, up-to-date, affordable book that meets and exceeds federal and state requirements. This edition contains new and updated information about COVID-19, electronic documentation, person-centered care, mental health disorders, infection prevention, and death and dying.

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The Home Health Aide Handbook, 6th Edition

This handy full-color 6th edition is a valuable tool for many reasons. It contains all of the federal requirements for home health aides. It also includes helpful information for CNAs making the transition from facilities to homes. In addition, it is inexpensive and fits easily into a backpack, purse, or home care bag.

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Guía de Técnicas para Ayudantes de Salud en el Hogar, 6a Edición 

Our newest edition of the Spanish-language version of The Home Health Aide Handbook was translated by a native speaker and reviewed by experts in the field, who are also native Spanish speakers.

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