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Hartman's Medical Assisting: The Basics

Hartman Publishing, Inc.

with Paula Holstein Webb, MS, BSN, RN

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Hartman’s Medical Assisting: The Basics includes the essential information needed to begin working as a medical assistant. Information is explained in everyday language, with a focus on fundamental topics tested on national certification exams. Supplemental information and procedures are located in the instructor’s guide. Many full-color photographs and illustrations reinforce the textbook content. Case studies throughout the administrative and body systems chapters give students the chance to apply what they are learning and imagine themselves on the job. This textbook covers the following:

  • The role of the medical assistant, including scope of practice, communication skills, and professionalism
  • Foundational material such as legal and ethical concerns, patient diversity, human psychology and development, infection prevention and control (also emphasized throughout), and response to emergencies and disasters
  • Fundamentals of administrative medical assisting, including scheduling, electronic and paper record management, correspondence, insurance, coding, billing, and office management
  • Essential clinical skills such as vital sign and anthropometric measurements, history-taking, patient positioning, and preparing for and assisting with outpatient medical exams and procedures
  • Basics of medical terminology and abbreviations, with more provided in the instructor’s materials
  • Material organized by body system—this includes each system’s structure and function, lifespan changes, common conditions, examinations and procedures, and patient education related to the system
  • Phlebotomy, EKG, and medication administration procedures described in simple language, with enough background information provided to help students understand the procedures, but not so much as to overwhelm

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for Hartman’s Medical Assisting: The Basics

Because the workbook is designed to help students review what they have learned from reading the textbook, it is organized around learning objectives, which work like a built-in study guide. Multiple choice, true/false, crosswords, critical thinking scenarios, and other activities test the student’s knowledge of each chapter. A 150-question practice exam helps students prepare for certification.

Instructor’s Guide

for Hartman’s Medical Assisting: The Basics

The instructor’s guide to teaching from our textbook contains the following elements for every chapter: an overview of teaching strategies; page references for both the textbook and student workbook; teaching outlines for every learning objective; a chapter review which may contain case studies, role-playing scenarios, games, discussion questions, and chapter exams, and two final exams. The instructor’s website contains PowerPoint presentations for each chapter that complement the instructor’s guide content and include abbreviated lecture material, student-directed questions, and critical thinking questions related to the procedures.

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