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Writing for Hartman Publishing

We are always looking for qualified authors. If you’re interested in writing material for Hartman Publishing, please contact the editorial department (editor@hartmanonline.com) for more information. We normally ask for a CV and samples of your work, along with your areas of interest.

Reviewing for Hartman Publishing

Reviewing takes place once the author and developmental editor have decided on a mostly final draft of material (this can be an entire book or part of a book). This process utilizes qualified, experienced professionals to read the work and provide feedback and insight.

The most important part of reviewing is providing a clear, detailed response that focuses on content. This response should include specifics about errors, omissions, state considerations, and unnecessary material, as well as answering any direct questions that are posed.

If you’re interested in reviewing, please complete the questions below. Once we find material that is a good fit for your interests and experience, the managing editor will send more information about the project.

Thank you for your interest!

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Number of years you have worked as an educator.
What courses do you teach?
Have you ever been responsible for choosing a textbook for your students to use?
Have you reviewed any published materials?
List the healthcare topics that most interest you.
Are there any topics or subjects that we currently do not offer that you'd like to suggest?
By completing the below survey, you can help us match you with a compatible project.
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Short-term projects are better for my schedule.

My schedule is consistently flexible, and long-term projects would not be a burden.

I am able to check and respond to email every day.

I am able to check and respond to email within a few days.

I am very good with written instructions and am comfortable communicating my thoughts in writing.

I tend to think of things in broader, less detailed terms.

I would prefer to discuss program needs and offer opinions on development, rather than review a written draft.

When I receive a new textbook, I usually open and explore it right away.

I rely heavily on the content of textbooks and instructor resources to teach my classes.

I use textbooks as a rough guide or resource.

I would rather review specific sections, topics, or questions from a textbook rather than an entire textbook.

I would rather review an entire textbook.