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In-Service Education Workbook 3

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Do you have aides scrambling to complete their 12 hours of in-service education before the end of the year?

We can help. This self-study workbook for nursing assistants and home health aides combines readings and exams (an estimated 17 hours’ worth) that can be completed in class or at home. Topics include the following:

  • Caring for the Person with Alzheimer’s Disease (3 in-service credits*)
  • Promoting Dignity (2 in-service credits)
  • Caring for the Person with Diabetes (2 in-service credits)
  • Understanding Restraints and Restraint Alternatives (1 in-service credit)
  • Preventing Abuse and Neglect (3 in-service credits)
  • Assisting with Death and Dying (3 in-service credits)
  • Managing Stress (3 in-service credits)

*The number of credits listed above by each in-service topic is an estimate of the number of CEUs (continuing education credits) that might be awarded for completion of each in-service. These numbers serve as a guide only. Hartman Publishing does not assign these credits, nor issue CEUs. Depending upon the state, actual CEU assignment is done by a facility, agency, or state department.

Staff members assign the readings and exams and provide the learners with the opportunity for clarification from a nurse according to their state's regulations.

Staff members receive a great learning experience and will truly appreciate the flexibility self-study allows.

In-Service Education Workbooks are affordable, too—sold in packages of 10, each bound book is only $5.95.

If you have aides who need more hours of in-service education, this is an easy, cost-efficient solution.

Pages: 80

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In-Service Education Workbook 3 10-packs 59.50

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