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Hartman Publishing’s skills videos are here!

Each video contains an introduction to the skill or topic, followed by an explanation of the beginning steps that must be performed each time the skill is done. The needed supplies and equipment are listed slowly, giving the viewer time to pause or review the information before moving on. While the skill is being performed, a voiceover explains each step, often including a rationale for context. The ending steps that must be done each time the student has completed the skill are shown last.

Here is the list of available videos, along with each one’s running time:

  1. Performs Beginning and Ending Steps for Skills (5 min.)
  2. Washes Hands (4 min.)
  3. Donning and Doffing PPE (Gown and Gloves) (3 min.)
  4. Positions on Side (5 min.)
  5. Transfers from Bed to Wheelchair Using Transfer Belt (5 min.)
  6. Transfers from Bed to Wheelchair Using Transfer Belt (Version 2 – Pivoting to Wheelchair) (6 min.)
  7. Assists to Ambulate Using Gait Belt (5 min.)
  8. Measures and Records Weight of Ambulatory Resident (3 min.)
  9. Gives a Bed Bath (14 min.)
  10. Provides Perineal Care (10 min.)
  11. Provides Foot Care (6 min.)
  12. Provides Mouth Care (5 min.)
  13. Cleans Upper and Lower Dentures (5 min.)
  14. Dresses Resident (9 min.)
  15. Counts and Records Radial Pulse (3 min.)
  16. Counts and Records Respirations (3 min.)
  17. Measures and Records Blood Pressure (7 min.)
  18. Feeds a Dependent Resident (7 min.)
  19. Assists with Use of Bedpan (9 min.)
  20. Measures and Records Urinary Output (3 min.)
  21. Provides Catheter Care for Female Resident (6 min.)
  22. Applies One Knee-High Elastic Stocking (4 min.)
  23. Performs Passive Range of Motion Exercises (11 min.)

Deciding to produce these videos and to focus on the skills most often tested on the certification exam was the result of hundreds of conversations with instructors and program directors. Each video comes with closed-captioning files in both English and Spanish if you need them.

We have chosen to give open access to the videos for all adopters of our books, which is included as a part of the price of our textbooks.

Please click below to see a sample video. If you are a current adopter or are considering adopting one of our textbooks, please contact your sales representative, email orders@hartmanonline.com, or call 800-999-9534 for more information.

If you are a current adopter trying to access your videos using your school code, please go here: videos.hartmanonline.com.